Tolling Solutions


AlphaPass is HTA’s full service tolling solution for all types and sizes of fleets where HTA manages the entire end-to-end customer experience. AlphaPass enables you to carry on with your business with the knowledge that HTA has your back on tolling! There is no longer a need to carry cash in a vehicle and your drivers and customers can move freely through electronic tolls and express lanes. HTA’s full service ensures that all of your tolls are calculated and matched to your vehicles in a timely fashion. Our suite of reporting enables you to allocate these charges to internal departments or external customers and our customer service folks are on hand to answer all questions in a timely fashion and with a smile!

Fleet Solutions


AlphaFleet is HTA’s fleet tolling solution, designed primarily for companies that have a full tolling solution but want to maintain control of the end-customer interaction/interface.
AlphaFleet enables you to cut down on the time, resources, and administrative burden your team spends on toll management, reconciliation and reimbursement. We improve the accuracy of your expense management and customer invoicing as well as saving you countless hours that could be better spent growing your business. Let HTA’s AlphaFleet take your fleet management to the next level! 

Violation Solutions


HTA’s technology suite enables the prevention and resolution of all manner of violations such as parking, red-light, speeding and other citations. AlphaResolve leverages HTA’s technology and experience to successfully manage the administration of violations generated by your fleet. Whether it’s transferring liability or matching drivers to events, we’ve got you covered. Our goal is to provide you with the convenience and reassurance that your violations are resolved and your vehicles are protected – HTA has your back!

Innovation Lab

Introducing HTA’s Innovation Laboratory

HTA, the longtime leader in providing toll management services for fleets, has a successful history in utilizing innovation toward driving its own strategic objectives. The Innovation Lab exists on the premise that good ideas can come from anywhere, not only from within HTA, but also industry experts.
HTA’s Innovation Lab accepts, evaluates, funds and incubates ideas, including developing go-to market strategies that accelerate the development and deployment of cutting edge solutions. The Innovation Lab is led by HTA's senior leadership team as they shepherd ideas through HTA's proprietary methodology designed to quickly ascertain a project's commercial viability.    Hardware, software, and services ideas will be the Lab's initial areas of focus and the program will be managed from its facility at Jersey City, NJ.